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“Being Human in the digital world is about building a digital world for humans”

This is the process by which a collection of data is compiled and formatted into a virtual image. The primary function of this technology is to produce maps that give accurate representations of a particular area, detailing major road arteries and other points of interest.

Our team use latest software and technologies to provide accurate mapping and digitalization service within minimum time period.


Key Features

GIS Services
CAD design & Drafting services
Engineering Design & Drafting
Indoor & Out door Mapping
Road Networking And Navigation
Hotel, Shop, Go Down, Hospital Plan
Smart City Planning
Construction Survey Drafting
Architectural CAD drafting
Preparation of Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
Map Digitalization
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    The best part about Dudos Engineering Service is that you work with such passionate people who are eager to solve challenges. I love that I get to work with people from all over the world and from a variety of different cultures who are dedicated and enjoy their job.

    Sahil Ku. Singh